Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mexico Getting Hit on Both Sides

Out in the Atlantic, northwest of the Cape Verde Islands, the remnant of Tropical Storm Humberto has degenerated and is no longer a proper cyclone, The system still has plenty of energy and is still rotating but at present is only making tropical force winds in one quadrant. It is moving west and conditions are good for regeneration into a cyclone but this system is too far north to be of concern to the Caribbean.

In the Gulf of Mexico, Ingrid has moved north and has become a hurricane making 65 knot winds. Hurricane warnings are up from Cabo Rojo to La Pesca. Hurricane Ingrid may strengthen a bit more before coming ashore tomorrow. Ten to fifteen inches of rain may fall over much of eastern Mexico.

On the Pacific side, Tropical Storm Manuel is coming ashore near Manzanillo bringing heavy rain and the chance of flooding and mud slides. Manuel is making 55 knot winds.

The graphic below shows the tropical wind probabilities for Manuel and Ingrid.

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