Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Springtime is Over

Springtime is over in the Land of Eternal Spring (Guatemala).  The heat is on in Eastern Guatemala.

As I write this, the heat index stands at 43 degrees C (109F).  And it will get hotter still over the next two months while we pray for the rainy season to begin around June / July and give us occasional breaks from the heat.

Thursday night looks like it might bring such a break, at least during the night.  A cold front is leaving Texas and heading south over the Gulf.  It may arrive late Thursday and trigger thunderstorms and rain, possibly heavy.

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ShutterSparks / KW2P said...

Yeah, it's hot. At 2:00 PM local time the shade temperature is 38C (101F) and heat index is holding at only 109F because the relative humidity is lower than normal, 43%.

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