Friday, September 24, 2010

Heavy Rain Tonight (Friday)

The change in storm track now puts us in front of the approaching storm where a lot more rain occurs, and sooner.  The original track put us in the third quadrant where there is often little rain or wind.

The result will probably be heavy rains tonight (Friday) and into Saturday morning.  Rainfall amounts could be extremely heavy.

24Sep10 1800 Local - Infrared Cloud Temperature
The pink and white areas indicate temperatures of 70 to 90 below zero equating to 40,000 to 60,000 feet

24Sep10 1800 Local - Current surface analysis and projected position in 24 hours.

24Sep10 1800 Local - GOES West Moisture Content

Matthew Much Closer But Weaker

Good news and bad news:  Bad news: The latest track for Matthew brings it directly to us here in Rio Dulce.  Good news:  The new track is almost entirely over land so the storm will weaken to a tropical depression before arriving.  Bad news: Coming directly to us will likely greatly increase the amount of heavy rain we receive.  The previous track had us on the southwest side of the storm where there is much less wind and precipitation.  If the track shown below comes to pass we will probably get an excessive amount of rain here in Rio Dulce.