Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weather Change Coming

For the past week we haven't had much rain here in Rio Dulce but it's looking like that's about to change over the next few days.

Masses of warm moist air are moving into the area combined with cooler air aloft.  Starting today (Tuesday) and for the next several days there is an increasing chance of daytime thunderstorms and rain, plus the usual rain and thunderstorms at night but much heavier.  Right now it looks like the rainfall will peak on Saturday afternoon and night with possibly a huge amount of rainfall Saturday night.  By huge I mean double the heaviest rainfall day we've had so far this rainy season and more than enough to cause flooding in the low lying areas of Rio Dulce / Fronteras.

Conditions in the tropics are very unstable so it's impossible to make solid forecasts but the above conditions are coming together.  Be prepared.