Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alert: Motagua Flood Warning

INSIVUMEH, the meteorology and hydrology arm of the Guatemalan government has issued a notice that the Motagua River level is at 5.2 meters at the Gualan station near Zacapa. That's ten feet over flood stage. Flood alert level at that station is 2.0 meters.

All communities along the Motagua from Gualan to the Atlantic coast, including Morales and Puerto Barrios should prepare for flooding.

The heavy rains we have been getting daily are expected to continue. Guatemala City is experiencing heavy rain as this is being written.

Bridge Collapses at Entre Rios

The bridge crossing the Motagua River at Entre Rios has collapsed.

Heavy rains have causes the Motagua River to flood and carry all manner of debris including large trees downriver. The bridge has been threatening to collapse ever since its support pilings were damaged by impacts from large trees floating down the river.

Approximately 40 meters of the 400 meter long bridge have collapsed and fallen into the river, halting traffic between Honduras and Guatemala through this important border crossing.