Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rio Polochic Flooding in El Estor

The heavy rains we have been getting here in eastern Guatemala for the past week and a half have caused all the rivers and creeks in the area to rise. The Rio Polochic is flooding right now at 3.32 meters. It peaked at 3.64 meters. The flood alert level for the Polochic is 2.25 meters. This has caused the Rio Polochic to overflow its banks in several locations, flooding more than 67 homes in the Rancho Grande area of El Estor and affecting over 400 persons.

CONRED has sent emergency aid sufficient for 70 families to the affected area and the Guatemalan Red Cross has mobilized to assist those in need and evaluate the situation.

Freak Winds Hit Morales

Unusual winds hit the Playitas area of Morales yesterday (August 11, 2010), taking part or all of the roofs off of eight homes. The roof of the local salon was also damaged.

CONRED is distributing food aid to the affected families.