Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Rain Later Today and Tonight

Here in Rio Dulce we received a large amount of rain last night, raising the river level and causing minor flooding in different places. Just north of Banrural in Fronteras a temporary river of water about 20 meters wide was crossing the highway early this morning.

While the weather has calmed down a bit and it stopped raining, don't be fooled. There's more coming. We got a break this morning but cloud density is increasing again and by tonight I expect we'll get plenty more rain, possibly more than we got last night, unbelievable as that might seem.

Elsewhere, the tropical depression four, mentioned in a previous post, has grown to become Tropical Storm Colin, shown in red below.

Lightning at 9,000 Frames per Second

Since it's that time of year for thunderstorms, here's a fascinating reminder of the danger.

Two seconds of lightning filmed at 9,000 frames per second and played back 50 times slower than real-time.