Saturday, July 31, 2010

Man the Pumps

Here in Guatemala we are finally getting a proper rainy season. There is some rain every day, occasional heavy rain, and thunderstorms almost every day. Here in Rio Dulce in the past 12 hours we got a lot of steady heavy rain. The main cause for this is a continuous series of tropical waves and moist air coming off the coast of Africa, crossing the Atlantic and Caribbean, and arriving here in Guatemala.

From time to time, a combination of waves, moist air, and sometimes an upper level trough (check your 500 mb charts) will result in more intense weather. Such a configuration is on its way and looks like it will arrive Monday night.

Since this is the tropics and conditions are unstable it's impossible to make solid predictions but what's approaching us is a wave embedded in a high amplitude moisture maximum with moderate to strong convection. This feature could bring very heavy rains (5 to 10 times what we've been getting daily) Monday night, Tuesday day, and Tuesday night.