Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tropical Storm Wastes No Time

Early this morning it was a disorganized mass of thunderstorms. Then the circulation closed and it became Tropical Depression 3, discussed in this post.

This afternoon it strengthened and has now become Tropical Storm Bonnie. Here's the data right now:

Location: 22.9N 75.4W, 200 mi SE of Nassau, 415 mi ESE of Key West.
Max sustained wind: 40 MPH
Min. central pressure 1005 mb
Movement: NW at 14 MPH

Projected path takes it on a straight course over the Florida Keys and towards Lousiana.

Desfile de Los Vaqueros, Feria, Rio Dulce, 16Apr10

It's a Zoo Out There

All kinds of things are happening in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. A couple of days ago I mentioned a disorganized area of thunderstorms over the Leeward Islands that appeared likely to organize and it has done so. It is marked in red on the image below. The system now has closed circulation and is being assisted by a high over the Bahamas. It's expected to become a tropical depression later this morning and seems likely to be the first storm of the season to affect south Florida.

Around midnight last night we got clobbered here in eastern Guatemala by a two hour thunderstorm that brought a huge amount of rain. This was the result of another tropical wave that passed us combined with the influence of a low located in the Bay of Campeche that is affecting a very wide area including eastern Guatemala. This 1008 mb low is marked in orange on the image below and shows signs of development. It will move slowly away from us and so is not a threat but it's likely to bring us more rain.

Lastly there is another tropical wave packed with moisture coming. Presently located at 82W, it should reach eastern Honduras by tonight and affect us possibly tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.

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Tropical Rain