Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waves and More Waves

At this time of year, during the rainy season in Guatemala, or "invierno" (winter) as it's locally called, we get tropical waves that produce rain. One after another they are coming now.

Last night we got a good amount of rain and more is coming. Another tropical wave loaded with moisture is located around 87 degrees west and is coming to us and there's another one behind that. We might get a little break in the rain during the day today but another mass of moisture looks like it will arrive late this afternoon.

We appear to be getting a normal rainy season, which is a welcome relief after the 19 month drought we just had. In 2009, our rainy season failed to occur. So for those of you who have been here less than two years, what we're having right now is normal. If you haven't bought an umbrella yet, you might consider it. If all goes as expected, the weather we are getting now will continue into October and possibly early November.