Thursday, July 8, 2010

Prepare for Rain!

It looks like we're in for a week of rain. There is a good chance of rain every day and night through at least Wednesday. Heaviest rainfall periods are expected on Saturday day, Monday day, Monday night, Tuesday day, Wednesday day, and Wednesday night.

There are many tropical waves that have been passing over us and more are coming. They're coming off of Africa one after another. The heavy rains that are expected to begin on Saturday result from a wave expected to arrive at that time. Behind that wave is a large mass of air carrying a "maximum load of water". In other words the water imagery shows this air mass is loaded with the greatest amount of moisture that the air can support, hence the high chance of rain.

Note: The heavy thunderstorms we got all night last night here in Rio Dulce are the result of the tropical air mass I wrote about here: Possible Weather Developing which did not develop while it was north of Honduras. Instead, this large area of disturbed tropical air moved northwest, across the Yucatan, and into the Gulf of Mexico, where it has developed into a tropical depression. This system has very broad circulation and our storms last night were related to this tropical depression now up in the Gulf.