Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tropical Storm Alex Update 9:00 PM CST 26Jun10

Storm center located near 17.7N 88.4W, moving northwest
Maximum sustained winds 50 kts, 60 MPH, 95 kmh

Alex continues to pull in large amounts of moist warm air, triggering rain and thunderstorms across much of Central America and southern Mexico. The storm is expected to weaken to a tropical depression by noon Sunday as it crosses the Yucatan, then strengthen again once it enters the Gulf of Mexico.

Alex Now 15 Miles Southeast of Belize City 17:30 CST 26Jun10

Storm center is now located appx: 17.4N 88.1W, 15 miles southeast of Belize City
Moving west at 10 kts, 12 MPH
Minimum central pressure 996 mb
Maximum sustained winds 55 kts, 65 MPH

Tropical Storm Alex Strengthens 3:00 PM 26Jun10

As expected, Tropical Storm Alex has slowly strengthened as it moves over the water towards the Yucatan.

Storm center is now located appx: 17.3N 87.8W
Moving west at 12 MPH
Minimum central pressure has fallen to 996 mb
Maximum sustained winds 55 kts, 65 MPH

Computer models forecast Alex to come ashore near Chetumal, Mexico and continue west northwest, losing strength and becoming a depression while over the Yucatan, then to continue into the Gulf of Mexico. Once over the Gulf, Alex is expected to rapidly regain strength and become a hurricane before making landfall again near Tampico, Mexico.

Here in Rio Dulce we continue to receive gentle but steady rain.

Tropical Storm Alex Update 12:30 CST 26Jun2010

Location: 17.5N 87.2W, 75 miles east of Belize City, 100 miles southeast of Chetumal, Mexico.
Movement is WNW at 8 knots
Minimum central pressure is 1003 mb
Max sustained winds are 40 kts gusting to 50 kts
All previous warnings and watches remain in effect.

Upper level outflow from the storm is strong and is triggering convection, thunderstorms, and rain across Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and the Yucatan, as well as at sea and up into the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Alex 9:00 AM 1500z

Location: 17.3N 86.1W
140 miles east of Belize City
165 miles ESE of Chetumal, Mexico
Moving WNW, 290 degrees at 9 MPH
Central pressure 1003 mb
Max sustained winds: 40 kts, 45 MPH, 75 KMH

Here in Rio Dulce we have light but frequent rainshowers.

Tropical Storm Alex, Update

As expected, during the wee hours of the morning, Tropical Depression One was upgraded to Tropical Storm Alex.

Alex is located at 17.0N 85.3W, approximately 200 miles southeast of Belize City. Alex has maximum sustained winds of 40 MPH and is moving on a course of 285 degrees (WNW) at 8 MPH. Central pressure is 1004 mb.

It is capable of bringing 4 to 8 inches of rain to eastern Guatemala and 2 inches of rain elsewhere in Guatemala. The storm is triggering convection and thunderstorms over much of Central America.

Tropical storm warning is in effect for the coast of Belize, the eastern coast of Yucatan from Chetumal to Cancun, and the islands of Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila in Honduras. Tropical storm watch is in effect for the coast of Honduras from Limon to the Guatemalan border.

A broad upper ridge remains over Tropical Storm Alex so, as can be seen in the satellite imagery, outflow is good in all directions. Alex is expected to strengthen slowly. Sustained winds of 60 MPH are expected by this afternoon.