Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is the Drought Over?

After 18 months of harmful drought here in Guatemala that has caused crop losses as high as 80 percent, it's looking like the drought might be over. What's more, it's arriving in Izabal right on time, during the last two weeks of May, which is historically when the rainy season is supposed to begin here.

As I write this we are receiving the first "regular" rain I've seen in a year and a half. By that I mean rain that is not the result of convective storms (thunderstorms) that bring heavy showers but steady rain from nimbostratus clouds. This type of rain can go on steadily for hours or days. The rain began here in Fronteras at 6:50 PM tonight and is steady at 14mm per hour so far. This is the kind of rain that we need, rain that will replenish the soil and underground aquifers.

Despite the inconvenience, we need it and I hope it continues. We'll see over the next couple of weeks if this is the start of the real thing or if Mother Nature is just teasing us.