Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Richard

Tropical Storm Richard began moving slowly west yesterday (Friday) afternoon and this morning the storm center is located at the northeastern tip of Honduras.  The previous track predictions had the storm moving out into the Gulf of Honduras, strengthening to a hurricane and making landfall north of Belize City.  The new track forecast has moved somewhat south, where the storm would skirt along the northern coast of Honduras and make landfall south of Belize City.  Such a track keeps half of the storm over land so Richard would not strengthen to a hurricane but would pass much closer to us here in Izabal.  If the storm follows the track in the diagram below there would be no significant wind here in Rio Dulce but we would likely receive a lot of rain.

If the track and movement shown below is correct, closest approach would occur from tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon through the wee hours of Monday morning.  The official forecast predicts a huge amount of rain (120mm) during that 12 hour period.

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