Monday, October 11, 2010

Rain This Afternoon

The clouds that are over Rio Dulce right now are associated with the disturbance mentioned in the last two posts.  Wind is picking up, pressure falling.  I expect it will start raining sooner rather than later, probably in the next hour or two. Might this become Tropical Storm Paula?

Rotation of the system is increasing.  The center of the disturbance is still over land and should come over water again by this evening.  Rapid development is possible because conditions are pretty good and outflow is already well established.  The storm is close to us, developing right in our area, so stay tuned for further notices.

I find it interesting that yesterday's sunrise was very red and I thought about this:

"Red sky at morning,
   sailorman's warning.
Red sky at night,
   sailor's delight."

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