Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rio Motagua Causes Heavy Damage in Izabal

Two persons are missing and hundreds have been evacuated. Water was six feet deep across the Atlantic Highway near Los Amates and traffic was backed up for 15 kilometers on both sides of the flooded area.

Millions in damages have been sustained in the municipality of Los Amates. Important bridges are destroyed, streets and drainage systems collapsed. The municipal planner for Los Amates says 60 percent of the infrastructure has suffered damage.

The El Rico bridge collapsed, leaving 70 communities isolated. 1,200 homes are still underwater.

The flooding has caused heavy damage to agriculture and livestock operations in the area. The areas most affected include: El Rico, Finca Nueva, Quiché, Las Viñas, Seguana, Las Lomas, Puebla, Chiriquí, Dakota. Also affected are the banana fincas of Bandegua (Compañía de Desarrollo Bananero de Guatemala, S.A.)

Flooding of the Motagua also caused heavy damages in Gualán, Zacapa, where numerous homes remain underwater.

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