Saturday, May 29, 2010

Landslides in Guatemala City

8:30 PM Saturday May 29, 2010

In the last hour, landslides have been reported at the Cejusa Bridge, 13 Calle Aguilar Batres, Calzada La Paz at the Belice Bridge, and Cayalá Boulevard in Guatemala City. Landslides and homes damaged in Sector Tecun Uman, Santa Luisa de Chinautla.

8:40 PM:

The Rio Michatoya and Rio Pensativo have overtopped their banks and are flooding.

The Ciudad Quetzal Bridge has collapsed.

A sinkhole 20 meters in depth and 15 meters in diameter has opened in Zone 2 of Guatemala City.

10:00 PM:

Landslide on the Anillo Periférico, Guatemala City. Two vehicles trapped.

The Palín Escuintla highway has been closed.

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