Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tigo Internet in Rio Dulce Appears to be Fixed

Three weeks ago tomorrow, Tigo Internet experienced a serious failure in the Fronteras cell tower. Most Tigo users in Rio Dulce have probably noticed a severe or complete disruption of service unless you are located close to the tower. I know that many, including myself, have been unable to connect at all.

Yesterday, Tigo had widespread network problems that caused outages in cell phone service as well. Due to this failure, Tigo was unable to continue diagnostics of the internet problem.

This afternoon I was preparing for another round of telephone calls / diagnostics with Tigo and discovered that WCDMA and HSDPA service in Fronteras is restored full strength and full speed. So it appears the problem has been fixed. I have yet to perform more stringent tests from greater distances but at the moment it appears to be fixed.