Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Fair is in Town. Have Fun but Beware.

We look forward to this event all year in Rio Dulce. Every year, a big fair / carnival / rides comes to Rio Dulce around Semana Santa. There are also local events, the election and parade of the Flor de la Feria, who is a young woman elected to be the Flower of the Fair, plus her ladies in waiting. At the fair are various kiddie rides and usually a big ferris wheel that is scarier than it looks because it runs very fast--so fast that you are weightless as you go over the top(!) and feel 2 G's at the bottom. There are food vendors, portable dining rooms, portable bars that attract local cowboys where you'll see videos of Central American rodeos, skill games, and all the things you'd expect to find at a carnival.

At the fair you will also find pickpockets. Throughout history, carnies and Gypsies the world over, including in the U.S., have practiced the art of pickpocketing. The fair is lots of fun so don't let this stop you. Just leave valuables at home and put your cash where it's not easily pickpocketed. This advice extends to the street. During the time the fair is in town one needs to be extra careful anywhere in Fronteras too, not just at the fair itself.

See you at the Rio Dulce Fair!