Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Bail for Ex-PN Officers Linked to Disappearance of Fernando Garcia

The Fourth Criminal Court of First Instance yesterday confirmed the detention of the two former police offiers linked to the disappearance of the trade unionist and student Fernando Garcia, on February 18th, 1984.

Defense attorneys Abraham Lancerio Gomez and Hector Ramirez Rios requested a review of the decision to retain the two in prison.

The former policemen are accused of abduction, kidnapping, illegal detention, and abuse of authority in relation to the arrest and disappearance of Garcia, Congresswoman Ninth Montenegro's first husband.

Both detainees claimed protection under the Law of National Reconciliation and the Law on Amnesty, however the judge refused the argument and confirmed the detention.

The judge also decided to accept Alejandra Garcia, daughter of the disappeared Fernando Garcia, as plaintiff in the case against the two former officers.