Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Dates / Schedule

Easter is coming. Below is the schedule for all the religious and festival dates of this Easter season.

This schedule is available for any year from 1584 to 2499 here: Easter Date Calculator

2009 Easter Schedule

PDH Denounces Violent Attack

The Human Rights Procurator, Dr. Sergio Morales, complained to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) against the violent attack on the head of the Office of Special Investigation of the institution, which is investigating the case of the forced disappearance of union leader Fernando Garcia, husband of Congresswoman Ninth Montenegro.

An unnamed official of the PDH) was brutally beaten by two men who intercepted him at the entrance to his house, said the procurator at a press conference.

Following the attack, he was hospitalized for three days. Morales noted that other researchers in this case have been threatened.

The complaint before the Commission also states that two vehicles have loitered around the Historical Archive building of the defunct National Police (PN) in zone 6, and have photographed who works there.

Another unnamed officer, who serves as head of procurement, has received death threats against him and Morales althought the procurator has not personally received threats..

The procurator refused to comment on the perpetrators of that attack, but said that it depends on the outcome of investigations.

Morales demanded that the PNC provide perimeter security for the headquarters of the files, which have been in the custody of the PDH for four years.

The U.S. National Security Archive reported that the U.S. government had information on the disappearance of Fernando Garcia. The information from the NSA is based on reports found in declassified documents from the U.S. State Department. A press release from the organization said that "the documents show that the capture of Garcia was a political demise orchestrated at the highest levels of the Guatemalan government."

The disappearance of the union leader, 25 years ago, captured headlines two weeks ago, when two former policemen accused of the kidnapping and disappearance of Garcia were arrested. Those captured were Hector Ramirez Rios and Abraham Lancerio Gomez, who worked in the now defunct National Police, which was absorbed by the PNC.

Shannon Confirms Support

Thomas Shannon, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State reaffirmed support to Guatemala in combating drug trafficking. He spoke of the issues discussed at a scheduled meeting with President Alvaro Colom.

In U.S. embassy building, the official said that the region will receive $160 million under Plan Merida. U.S. $16 million of that will be earmarked for Guatemala.

Shannon also reiterated his support for the management of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).

He indicated that his government is studying the impact of the economic crisis in Central America. According to the Shannon, it is anticipated that the greatest economic blow will come from the reduction in remittance flows and the decline in exports from the countries of Central America.

He added that the United States will evaluate the possibility of granting loans to alleviate the crisis in the countries of the region. The loans would come from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.