Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cold Front Brings Wind, Rain, Thunderstorm to Izabal

A cold front arrived this afternoon, bringing lower temperatures, rain, wind, and even a thunderstorm Sunday night.

Winds behind the front may reach 30 to 40 kmh.

Low temperatures in the highlands are expected to drop near freezing.

Rains in Izabal may continue into the first part of the week.

Parking in Antigua will Cost Starting Today

Starting today, visitors to Antigua Guatemala must pay for parking on public streets.

Payment is by the day and depends on the size of the vehicle. Parking fees will be:

Small vehicles, Q10
Up to 15 seats, Q20.
Up to 30 seats, Q40
Over 30 seats, Q50

The Municipal Traffic Police are responsible for regulating and monitoring parking. Revenues will be used to improve safety and infrastructure.

Municipal representatives admit that there are not enough police to handle all the monitoring and fee collection.

Residents of Antigua are exempt from the fees and frequent visitors can pay a discounted annual rate.

The measure has generated some controversy. Tour operators say that the parking fee will discourage both domestic and foreign visitors.