Friday, February 6, 2009

Robbers Nabbed in Rio Dulce

Citizens of Rio Dulce arrested five men accused of having robbed passengers of a Litegua bus and turned them over to the PNC.

The head of the PNC in Izabal reported that those captured bought tickets to Guatemala City at the Litegua bus station in Puerto Barrios. They passed the metal detector and boarded the bus without any problems. However, an accomplice passed them a bag containing firearms through a window.

The robbery took place while the bus was traveling between kilometer 260 and 243 of the Ruta Atlántico and 40 passengers were robbed of their valuables. The thieves got off the bus at La Ruidosa and fled north in a white pickup truck to Rio Dulce where they planned to catch a Maya de Oro bus to the Petén.

A passenger of the bus alerted friends in Rio Dulce where citizens nabbed the thieves and confiscated 9mm pistols and 23 rounds of ammunition. The assailants were identified as Marcos Antonio González Cardona, 25; Alfredo Antonio García Sánchez, 24; Carlos Enrique Gómez Marroquín, 24; César David Perpuac Chanchavac, 21; and Pablo Isaac Palacios, 21. A seventh accomplice fled in the vehicle with the stolen property.

According to the PNC, the detainees are members of a group that operates between El Progresso and Izabal. They are suspected of having committed 10 robberies along this route in 2009. They are accustomed to easy getaways because they can easily disappear in large groups of people but this time it turned out differently because of citizen action.

A Mitsubishi sport pickup was found abandoned at kilometer 276 kilometer on the route to Petén. The PNC database does not show the vehicle registration so it's presumed stolen in another country.

Drunk Driver Kills Three Guatemalan Children in Miami

A judge in Miami decided to jail Gabriel Delrisco for causing a fatal accident while driving under the influence of alcohol and taking the lives of three children of Guatemalan parents.

Last Sunday, Delrisco crashed into a vehicle driven by Héctor Serrano and the severity of the impact was so great it took the lives of all three children, Héctor, 10; Esmeralda, 8; and Amber, 4. At the time, Delrisco's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was three times the legal limit.

Based on this fatal accident plus 26 previous driving violations against Delrisco, Judge Rosa Rodriguez ordered Delrisco jailed. He faces 15 years in prison for each death.