Saturday, January 17, 2009

Casa Alianza Closes Its Doors due to Economic Crisis

La Asociación Casa Alianza Guatemala ceased operations yesterday and the 99 juveniles and adolescents in their care will be turned over to the courts who will relocate them. Their financial problems began about three months ago. The international economic crisis affected Convent House and Casa Matriz de Casa Alianza which cost US $100,000 a month to operate. Attorneys and police arrived yesterday at 5:00 PM to inform the staff. Staff was told to appear several hours later an a hotel where they would be given their severence checks.

Updates to Maya Paradise

Over the past few weeks many changes have been made to the Maya Paradise web site. The layouts of many pages have been improved, dead links removed, the Site Map has been redesigned, the Rio Dulce / Livingston Tide Tables have been updated to cover 2009 thru 2018. Lots more changes are in progress so stay tuned.

Maya Paradise

Pardon the Interruption

In mid-2008 I built this blog to test out the principle of publishing the sort of articles you see here because I knew I would be returning to Guatemala where I used to live. Now I am here, the move is complete, and I will be resuming the posting of articles on this blog. Sorry about the interruption.