Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thunderstorm Kills One, Damages 800 Homes in Poptún

Yesterday a thunderstorm with hurricane force winds in Poptún, Petén, caused wind and lightning damage, and left one person dead.

The winds began yesterday at about 3 :00 PM and left a path of destruction as they approached the town.

During the storm, observers said that hundreds of sheet metal roofs were ripped loose and were flying through the air. Two schools were left without roofs.

The one casualty was Esau Segura, who crashed his car into a truck when the wind lifted the hood of his car, blinding him.

Emergency personnel responded from a wide area. Government agencies and neighbors worked together and counted some 800 homes damaged by the high winds.

Observers also reported hail several centimeters in diameter.

The mayor Kilkan Angel Ochoa reported that two shelters were activated for those left homeless by the storm.

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