Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Orange Alert Declared in Poptún After Storm

An Orange Alert was declared after the passage of a violent storm (reported here: pass, leaving 920 home damaged by high winds and lightning.

Approximately 120 people are homeless.

The areas receiving the most damage were Ixobel, Santa María, Pioneros de la Paz, Las Tres Cruces, El Venado, Amistad and El Centro.

Sixty families are affected and were taken in at two shelters made available to handle the emergency. Victims are being supported with cold food rations, blankets and water.

The department has requested assistance from the goverment in replacing the seven thousand sheets lamina (corrugated roofing) that were damaged or lost.

The storm also damaged six schools. Two classes were suspended but will resume next Monday.

The storm also caused power outages. Several poles were demolished but electricity has been restored.

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