Friday, May 29, 2009

Izabal Quake Damage Climbing

The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) today reported 2,488 persons in Izabal injured in the 7.1 quake that struck off the coast of Honduras early Thursday morning. This is 562 more than the previously reported count.

177 homes sustained varying degrees of damage.

The latest report from Conred states that 95 homes have minor damage, 58 moderate damage, and and 24 were destroyed or sustained severe damage. The damage is concentrated in the communities of Las Vegas, Quebrada Seca, Santa María del Mar, Suite Tres, Media Luna, La Laguna, Mojanales y El Quetzalito.

According to Conred, water systems in Izabal were damaged so service has been irregular.

Assistance has not been at the levels stated by authorities. At least 14 families are housed in the village school in Aldea Media Luna. They have not received food and authorities have only provided 120 bottles of drinking water and sponges, according to Edvin Cordón, president of Consejo Comunitario de Desarrollo (Cocodes).

"There were a thousand promises, but so far we have not received anything at all, only water that is insufficient for the number of people housed," said Cord.

He added that the task has been left to the community, but people do not have enough resources to feed so many.

David de Leon, spokesman for Conred, confirmed this morning that there were problems with the electric grid serving Izabal but that power has been restored.

The Education Minister, Ana de Molina, said that as a preventive measure classes were suspended yesterday and today, and are expected to resume on Monday. All schools in Izabal are being inspected for damage.

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