Saturday, May 16, 2009

INTERVIEW-Guatemala president sees plot behind murder claims

Source: Reuters
By Sarah Grainger

GUATEMALA CITY, May 15 (Reuters) - Guatemala's president said on Friday powerful enemies are behind a scandal about claims he ordered the murder of a prominent lawyer, as his government cracked down on military abuses and drug gangs.

President Alvaro Colom has tried to prosecute former military officials linked to massacres during the country's 1960-1996 civil war and at the same time is clamping down on drug cartels operating in the country with dozens of arrests.

"Opening the all the military files from the war was almost impossible but I did it," Colom told Reuters in an interview.

"There is a war we are fighting against different drug traffickers. We have made a lot of changes and some are causing anger," he said.

Colom was plunged into crisis this week when a videotape surfaced accusing him of ordering a murder, misusing government funds and turning a blind eye to drug money transactions at the local development bank Banrural.

Lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg, who represented a well-known businessman also killed this year, was gunned down in Guatemala City on Sunday. The next day a pre-recorded statement was delivered to Guatemalan media in which Rosenberg warned he might be killed and accused Colom of ordering the hit.

"It's a conspiracy and we still haven't found out who's at the heart of it, but we are looking," Colom said.

The video and written statement from Rosenberg also accused Colom's wife and his private secretary of crimes.

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Pácimo said...

……Gabriel García Márquez wrote ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ which is an analysis of passion within the Latin American culture. With fantasy, the novel portrays our intimate reality, and one is reminded that, “If the past is forgotten, the future will not be remembered.”
……When a Latin Americans assumes a presidency of a country, he seems to feel the greased finger of god, and he, also, begins to feel as a loved personal friend with divine rights. Watching Mr. Colom before the cameras, gesturing nervously and backed by his phalange of sweaty rumpled henchmen, the only thing missing were the tattoos and the hand signs; but it’s all the same thing, these folks are simple cholos in neck ties. With the voice cracking under his peculiar speech impediment, he portrayed a frighten mechanical Pinocchio. One can only wonder about his estate of mind, does he think he can make up the truth as he goes along by divine presidential right, or is he truly confused in the belief that at least the very ignorant and the stupid should believe in him?
……The reality is that violence and political assassinations are natural death causes, however, for religious and philosophical conditions the public does not wish to accept it. That is not to say that it should not be avoided. But generally the weaker the government the more they make use of the technique; but, for Latin America, historically the practice became the norm with the Holly Inquisition and it stands, still without qualms. In this remarkable case, Mr. Rosenberg has played a masterful move check mating President Pinocchio and his government by anticipating the eminent end accurately, and by planting the unprecedented political bomb of all time.
……Mr. Rosenberg has left to the world the collateral benefit of the ‘Rosenberg Maneuver’ that will be seen employed for evermore. - Corona Ágreda

ShutterSparks / KW2P said...

It's unfortunate that for the past 50 years, Guatemala has been governed by mostly crooked politicians who committed horrible acts and crimes. Many of these politicians were "owned" by the United States or they were on the CIA payroll. So Guatemalans are very likely to believe a story like Rosenberg's.

But so far we really don't know anything useful. There is much being said but so far we have only two provable facts:

1) Rosenberg made the video.

2) Rosenberg is dead.

That's all we know for sure. The rest is all speculation. Perhaps there was a plot. But it's just as possible that one of Colom's enemies (and he has many among the wealthy and the drug smugglers) convinced Rosenberg that there was a plot and convinced him to make the video. After the video was made, it would be a simple matter to have Rosenberg knocked off and bingo, the video creates the biggest scandal Guatemala has seen in years.

So I'm not believing anything until I see some more facts. It might be true. It might not.

My biggest burning question is who convinced Rosenberg that there was a plot? How did Rosenberg know? How did he come to believe that there was a plot against him? Surely this can be found out and if we can find the answer to that question, then the truth should not be hard to figure out.

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