Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guatemalan President under pressure after video alleges he ordered murders

He came to power promising to rid Guatemala of corruption, violence and narcotrafficking. Now, Alvaro Colom, the country's first left-wing leader in 50 years, is fighting for his political life after a video surfaced of a dead lawyer claiming that he was killed on the orders of the President.

"If you are watching this message, it is because I was assassinated by Gustavo Alejos, the President's private secretary, and his business partner Gregorio Valdez, with the approval of President Alvaro Colom," says Rodrigo Rosenberg, who was shot dead in Guatemala City on Sunday, in a taped message distributed to the country's media.

The lawyer claims that he will be killed for trying to expose a vast conspiracy reaching to the top of Guatemalan politics, involving the murders of a prominent figure and his daughter in April.

Mr Rosenberg, 47, says that Khalil Musa, a businessman, and his daughter Marjorie were assassinated because Mr Musa refused to collude with corruption at a state-owned bank.

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