Friday, May 29, 2009

Cases of AH1N1 Surpass 15,000 Worldwide

Geneva, Switzerland - The number of cases of people infected worldwide with influenza virus AH1N1 now stands at 15,510 in 53 countries. 99 have died, according to the latest statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This represents an increase of about 2,000 cases since Wednesday.

The United States has the greatest number infected at 7,927, followed by Mexico at 4,910, and Canada with 1,118.

Japan has reported 364 cases, United Kingdom 203, Chile 165, Australia 147, Spain 107, and Panama 103, according to the WHO.

In Latin America, other countries with confirmed cases are Argentina 37, Costa Rica 33, Ecuador 32, Peru 31, Colombia 17, El Salvador 11, Brazil 10, and Cuba 4.

Guatemala has registered 2 cases, the Dominican Republic 7 cases, while Honduras and Uruguay have one confirmed case each.

Mexico reports the largest number of fatalities from the flu with 85, while the United States reports 11, Canada 2, and one in Costa Rica.

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