Monday, April 13, 2009

Single-Rider Rule. Motorcycle Helmet and Vests Must Comply

The Deputy Minister of the Interior, José Donald González explained that the government agreement published on Wednesday in the Official Journal of Central America is not motivated by profit. Motorcyclists can purchase helmets and vests from any supplier as long as the equipment complies with regulations.

The rules require that helmets display the motorcycle's license plate number and that motorcyclists wear a fluorescent yellow vest bearing the license place number in letters visible from 5 meters away.

Fines for failure to wear properly marked helmets and vests will be imposed within 30 days.

One Rider Only

Hugo Mota, Director of Transit, also reminded the public to obey the new single-driver rule. Beginning on Thursday, more than one person traveling on a motorcycle will result in a fine. Only one person is allowed to ride a motorcycle, and no passengers.

Editor's note: Nothing that I have read says specifically, but I presume that this law will be enforced by the transit police in Guatemala City only and not in other parts of the country. Consult with your local police.

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