Monday, April 13, 2009

Road Repairs in Morales

After 12 years of receiving no maintenance from the government, the road from Morales to Playitas is finally receiving some attention.

The work is being done by Covial at a cost of Q40 million. The project includes 1.80 meters of road filling to serve as a bulwark and prevent flooding in the villages Hurón, Sioux, Shanne, Creek Zarco y Cerritos.

In addition, the project includes dredging a kilometer of the Motagua river and the construction of a breakwater to keep the river on course during flood season. During the last rainy season, flooding destroyed parts of the road leaving 60,000 people essentially isolated.

The president of the Community Development Council of Morales (Cocode) said that Bandegua used to maintain the road but have not done so in 12 years. "The road is deteriorating because of river flooding. And when the river is low there are deep holes that prevent the entry of light vehicles. Only heavy trucks can get through. This project will solve those problems."

The new road is being fitted with drains to minimize future problems and to also prevent damage to cattle grazing land and fields planted with maize, chile, ocra, plátano, and bananas.

Work is being carried out in two phases. The first is to construct the road fill and curbs along 3 km to get the road functional as soon as possible. Phase two will take care of the full 15 km and will include the river dredging and breakwaters.

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