Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recent Quakes Related to Volcan de Fuego

The Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Vulcanología, Meteorología e Hidrología, INSIVUMEH, stated that the quakes that have occurred the last few days are a result of increased activity in Volcan de Fuego.

Quakes are a normal occurrence when Fuego has an active episode and is ejecting ash.

The quakes felt in Esquintla are due to the volcano and are not associated with the Jalpatagua fault, which has been responsible for the quakes felt in Guatemala City.

The yellow alert remains in effect. Volcan de Fuego is ejecting ash and there are explosions that rattle windows up to 5 km away.

Aircraft are also prohibited from flying close to the crater, a prohibition that's been in place since November.

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