Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guatemalans Make an Alfombra in Virginia

It is a tradition in Guatemala to decorate the streets where Semana Santa processions are to pass with "alfombras". Alfombra translates as "carpet". The pavement is decorated with elaborate drawings and patterns made from brightly colored sawdust. When the procession passes, the pretty designs are destroyed. The most spectacular examples of Semana Santa alfombras can be seen in Antigua, Guatemala.

This year, Guatemalans from Chiquirichapa Concepción, Quetzaltenango, now residents in the State of Virginia, USA. UU., produced a rug in a street near the church of San Antonio de Padua in Falls Church, VA.

Dany Lopez and Ubaldo Sanchez explained that this is a tradition that began five years ago and it is a way of keeping the Guatemalan culture and traditions alive.

Sanchez explained that with the help of other artists, molds were made. The carpet took about eight hours to make.

See original story and photo here.

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