Friday, April 3, 2009

Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) to Hold Leadership Conference in Guatemala

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) will host its semi-annual conference today through April 3 with health executives, practitioners and policy experts from around the globe to explore and identify “better and best" practices in the healthcare field. The invitational conference, to be held in Antigua, Guatemala, is in keeping with GKEN's mission to search the globe for replicable practices to improve health and the quality of healthcare around the world.

The spring 2009 conference will focus on identifying better and best practices to help healthcare systems and individual providers better manage and control chronic disease, secure better health outcomes, and identify replicable and meaningful health promotion programs and practices that are yielding positive results. In Antigua, the participants will consider more than 50 better practice summaries and assess the appropriateness of their content. The overarching objective for the Antigua meeting is to develop a formal protocol that GKEN will use to determine better practices in multiple content areas and how to promote those practices globally in a variety of cultural and economic environments.

“GKEN, founded in the fall of 2007 through a generous grant from the CIGNA Foundation, convened with the recognition that healthcare, like the economy, is global. Additionally, medical research, the management and implementation of new medical technologies and drug therapies, and new ways of addressing problems, are taking place around the globe but there are few resources committed to bringing the new innovations and practices to the attention of the entire global healthcare community,” explained Jon Comola, CEO. “GKEN is attempting to meet that daunting challenge and serve as a catalyst for the global exchange of valuable healthcare information in real time. The concept is straight forward: advancing information to knowledge, then to action!”

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