Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ríos Montt Appeal

The team of defense lawyers for Ex-president and current congressman Efrain Rios Montt presented an appeal on March 5th, insisting that military documents from the 1980's be kept secret, including the documents that Defense Minister Abraham Valenzuela was ordered to deliver to a judge.

The appeal was to Judge Jorge Mario Valenzuela of the Second Instance Criminal Court. The appeal may stop the investigation of the files of the EMP to which the media has had no access.

On March 6th, Defense Minister Abraham Valenzuela, an appointee of President Colom, mandatory complaint (denuncia obligatoria) over the alleged loss of two military files and requests that the Ministerio Publico investigate. The petition explains that the documents relating to the military operational plans called "Ixil" and "Sofia" are missing.

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