Friday, March 27, 2009

Prison Escape Foiled

President Alvaro Colom said yesterday that conspirators planned to create four riots and a wave of violence in the capital to distract police and security forces while a group of drug dealers attempted an escape from the jail in Zone 18.

According to the president, they had plans to start four riots in four jails on April 8th but the plans have been foiled. The idea was to "liberate the drug traffickers arrested in the Zone 18 area and the prisoners are furious," Colom said in a press conference.

The president said that among the prisoners who planned to escape are the Mexican citizens who allegedly active in the group of assassins known as the "Zetas" who serve the Gulf Cartel, who were caught after armed clashes with security forces.

"There are as many Zetas as Guatemalans" among those who were planning to escape. "There are more than 30 Mexicans who are in prison," said Colom.

That evening, the president addressed the people to call for calm and denied that he had intentions to suspend constitutional guarantees in order to fight crime.

Colom did not identify the perpetrators of the attacks saying: "we will not warn them before arresting them."

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