Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newly Paved Streets in Puerto Barrios

Last week, Puerto Barrios inaugurated the paving of 8th Street (8a. Calle), which connects 8th and 6th Avenues, the bus terminal, and 7th Avenue and 9th Street at the Mercado La Revolución

These routes are very important in the city because there is a lot of local traffic on those streets as well as through traffic going to other destinations.

The Consejo Departamental de Desarrollo (Codede), the Municipality of Puerto Barrios and the Consejo Comunitario de Desarrollo (Cocode) worked together on the project, which cost Q1.3 million.

Prior to the paving project, traveling on these streets was a major problem due to potholes and mud. Nobody wanted to use the bus terminal at the end of the market.

Mayor David Pineda Coded Acevedo explained that the community of the town and the local villagers worked together the project as a team. He added that while they had the backing of the Department of Interior, his office still had to "work miracles" because the budget is insufficient to meet the need of the municipality.

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