Friday, March 13, 2009

New School in El Cedro, Livingston

For many years, nearly 150 children from the village of El Cedro have been studying in classrooms built with walls of reeds and roofs of manaca. Now they have a proper building that was built with municipal funds, from Cocode and community.

This village was founded 60 years ago and is located one hour from the capital of the municipality. To reach the village one must travel paths through forests of the Canyon of the Rio Dulce.

José Ac Choc, mayor of the community said that the building had been requested for a long time but plans were rejected because of the difficult access to the community and difficulty getting building materials in. "The negativity was understandable. Each sack of cement takes two hours to be carried in by hand. For this reason the parents decided to employ unskilled laborers," said Choc.

The community lacks electricity and road access. So the materials had to be brought by barge on the Rio Dulce and then carried in by hand.

The mayor of Livingston, Miguel Rax, explained that the cost of the project was Q500,000 and that the construction was hampered by rains that prevented the entry of the building materials. "It was a great effort made by the business community to build the school now. Thank God the kids have a decent place to get lessons," he said.

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