Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mexican Drug Gang Threatens to Kill President of Guatemala

One of Mexico's most powerful drug trafficking gangs has threatened to kill the President of Guatemala in the latest sign the cartels are extending their influence.

After receiving assassination threats to officials including the national head of police, the Guatemalan authorities warned President Alvaro Colom he too was now the subject of threats.

"We have received credible threats that the group the Zetas are planning an attempt on the life of President Alvaro Colom," said Jesus Galeano of Guatemala's Secretariat of Strategic Intelligence.

The Zetas were founded in 1999 by 40 former soldiers who deserted from Mexican special forces, and began as a death squad employed by the Gulf Cartel. They have since become a cocaine trafficking cartel in their own right, and their threat to Mr Colom suggests they have ambitions to consolidate their control of trafficking in neighbouring Guatemala.

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