Friday, March 27, 2009

Legislators Reach Agreement on Ammunition

Legislators continue to work on Guatemala's new gun control law. One of the most contentious points concerns the quantity of ammunition that a licensed gun owner can purchase each month.
At a six hour long meeting in which members discussed amendments to the Arms and Ammunition Act, a consensus was reached on several items including defining the amount of ammunition that one owner may acquire each month.

Among the agreements was to allow 250 rounds per authorized weapon. Given that the law authorizes the possession of up to three weapons per person they could acquire a total of 750 rounds per month. The original proposal was for 400 rounds per weapon.

Regarding the other article that has generated much discontent is that which allows government officials and former officials to carry a weapon without a license. No consensus was reached.

The current proposal is for officials in public office and those who have held public office to have no limit to the number of authorized weapons and ammunition that they can buy.

The day before yesterday, legislators succeeded in the adopting articles 1 through 54 of the new law, while in the streets of Guatemala at least five people died and six more were injured with firearms.

The discussions on this law have been going on now for more than four months.

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