Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guatemala Interested in Russian Weapons in Exchange for Food

Guatemala's vice-president has said the Central American country is interested in buying Russian military hardware in exchange for food.

"Guatemala is interested in acquiring aircraft, armored vehicles, and other armaments to fight organized crime. We could pay, as the Russian side suggests, with sugar and coffee for the arms deliveries," said Rafael Espada.

Espada said the issues were discussed with Russian diplomats on Wednesday.

"The Russian side presented information on the armaments that could interest Guatemala's Armed Forces and national police," he said, adding that no specific agreements have been reached yet.

"The government has been instructed to study the Russian side's proposals and draft relevant recommendations," Espada said.

In turn, Guatemalan Armed Forces spokesman Francisco Loranca told journalists that the country's Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy were in need of arms deliveries.

Russian News Agency, Novosti

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