Friday, March 6, 2009

Government Promises to Graduate 4,800 Police Officers

Presidential authorities recently opened the new extension of the Academy of the National Civil Police (PNC), in San Juan Sacatepéquez, which by the end of the year will fulfill the goal of adding 4,800 officers to the national police force.

The academic complex is located next to the Polytechnic School. Construction cost Q7.9 million and was financed with state revenues and international cooperation.

"Public taxes are invested here to obtain security in the future. We want police officers with a community dimension," said Marlene White, director of the PNC to the students of the Academy.

Salvador Gándara, Minister of Interior, stated that this extension to the academy enables 1,000 men and 250 women to be trained and graduate within 10 months.

"Today begins a new era within the PNC, we are committed to this promotion so that these people leave within 10 months respecting the dignity of Guatemalans," said Gándara.

Last Wednesday, the Department of State issued a report on human rights in Guatemala, which highlights corruption in the PNC. Moreover, it referred to the 19,671 members of the PNC that are not trained.

President Alvaro Colom announced that construction begins next week on the National Institute for Strategic Security.

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