Thursday, March 19, 2009

Government Allocates Q900 Million for Social Programs

Yesterday, the president created the Social Solidarity Fund, one of the pillars of social cohesion, which will operate through a trust to be administered by the Ministry of Communications and will be funded with Q100 million.

This axis of Social Cohesion, which consists of infrastructure for schools, housing, and other projects, was handled by the Executive Coordination Secretariat of the Presidency (SCEP), but later it was decided that the Secretariat lacked the necessary ministerial powers and the agency was moved as a trust to the Ministry of Communications.

Jairo Flores, secretary of the SCEP, said the trust aims to develop housing construction, school infrastructure and emergency care.

The decision of the constitutional court on this move has not yet been published.

Flores denied that there is duplication of functions, given that this ministry handles infrastructure and the new trust will also.

Wilfredo Garcia, Vice Minister of Communications, said yesterday that they have no official knowledge of the creation of the new trust. "The only trust that we have is the Road Fund (Covial), funded at Q1.85 billion for 2009," he said.

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