Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gallo Unveils New Plastic Bottles

With investment of about Q4 million, Cervecería Centroamericana today launched its new packaging for Gallo beer in 20 oz PET containers, to be distributed in more than 85 thousand outlets.

Federico Muñoz, Gallo Beer Brand Manager, said that several studies indicate that in the global market there is demand for this type of container, especially in Eastern Europe. This is in response to a global trend to offer consumers an innovative option to purchase Gallo beer in non-returnable plastic containers.

Gallo beer in 20-ounce plastic container will be sold in packages of 12 units with a transparent label. It offers several advantages such as easy handling and low weight. The unbreakable container keeps the product cold for longer and has a screw cap for easy opening and closing.

The new offering will carry a suggested retail price of Q13 per unit.

According to Muñoz, the new packaging will use PolyShield, used in the manufacture of PET bottles of beer, which provides increased shelf life and better flavor stability.

According to Muñoz, PET is a polyester and as such is a chemically inert and without additives, and easily recycled.

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