Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Four Gunmen Arrested in Puerto Barrios

Police arrested four men after they shot and killed a taxi driver, 26 year old Walter González Agustín, and Oscar Flores. The incident took place at km 297 on the road to the Free Trade Zone / Zolic.

The victims were headed from Santo Tomas de Castilla to Puerto Barrios they were attacked. The taxi driver was found collapsed over the steering wheel. Flores was taken to the Hospital Nacional de la Amistad Japón Guatemala where he died.

The alleged killers were identified as 25 year old Deglyn Estuardo Pinto Eguizabal, 28 year old Edgar Rigoberto Martínez Vidal, 27 year old Eduardo Carlos Salazar Días, and 30 year old Juan Carlos Vicente Peña.

In the suspects' vehicle police found and seized five 9mm pistols, 21 high capacity 32 round magazines, and 210 rounds of .40 caliber and 9mm ammunition.

According to the PNC, the suspected thugs attacked Flores. When he attempted to escape in his vehicle, the gunmen sprayed the taxi because he did not yield right of way to the gunmen and because he might alert the police. The gunmen then engaged in a chase of Flores that continued for 3km with both vehicles exchanging gunfire.

All were licensed to carry firearms.

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