Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Few Advances Against Femicide

Deputies and representatives of women's groups demanded action last Friday. Although there has been a law against femicide on the books since April 2008 there have been few results in combating violence against women.

"In the last year there was only been one criminal sentence handed out for femicide. Institutions have yet to make the law their own and apply it to the aggressors," said Ana Gladys Ollas, defender of the rights of women, from the Office of Human Rights.

Marlene Blanco Lapola, director of the National Civil Police (PNC), emphasized that the police should coordinate better with the Ministerio Publico (MP) and the judiciary to punish the guilty.

"It's frustrating for a cop who risks his life to capture a criminal, who minutes later comes out free and making fun of the cop," said Blanco Lapola in Congress during a conference that was part of a commemoration of International Women's Day. The official said that this year alone, 345 people have been caught committing violence against females and in 120 of those cases, the women were killed.

"We need to strengthen the justice system, which is weak in enforce the laws that we adopted here [in Congress]. We must unite to end this scourge that costs lives every day and leaves broken families," said the legislators.

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