Saturday, March 21, 2009

Drug Traffickers Clash With Police in Rio Dulce

An unidentified gang of drug traffickers clashed with police and soldiers yesterday at a clandestine airstrip on Finca San Jorge in Rio Dulce, Izabal. The criminals managed to escape with the shipment of drugs and none were arrested.

The spot is located 3.5 km off the highway to the Peten just north of Rio Dulce.

The Narcotics Police (SAIA) and the PNC said the clash began after authorities detected a small aircraft in the air. Two Guatemalan Air Force helicopters were mobilized but they were repelled by machine gun fire.

While the drug traffickers held off the helicopters with machine gun fire, the plane was able to land at the airstrip. The cargo was transferred to agricultural vehicles and they all fled with the cargo.

The police seized all the weapons and ammunition left behind, five vehicles, and a motorcycle. The plane was left intact and has been moved to Guatemala City. The vehicles are impounded at the Rio Dulce police station.

Police reported that the five seized vehicles were equipped with secret compartments.

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