Monday, March 2, 2009

Deforestation Workshop

Delegates from government institutions and national and international organizations participated in a workshop on deforestation in Panajachel.

The objective of the workshop was to discuss reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to deforestation.

Carlos Mansilla, coordinator of Cambio Climático, del Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (MARN), reported that the course was attended by representatives from 12 countries.

The workshop was carried out by the efforts of Alianza Clima, Comunidad y Biodiversidad, Conservación Internacional, The Nature Conservancy, Rainforest Alliance, World Wildlife Fund, the Environment Ministry and the National Council of Protected Areas.

"Everyone has a responsibility for the future of the planet," said Mansilla.

He explained that climate change is imminent and that it should act quickly to mitigate its impact. "And that is where lies the importance of forests, because they are regulators of greenhouse gases," he said.

Omar Samayoa, coordinator of Rainforest Alliance, said that climate change has led to natural phenomena which have affected several countries.

The first workshop on deforestation was held in Peru past year.

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