Monday, March 23, 2009

Chamber of Industry Denounces Counterfeit Products

Thomas Dougherty, president of the Guatemalan Chamber of Industry, today highlighted that groups linked to organized crime are smuggling Mexican products into Guatemala and that the government authorities have definite plans to counter this scourge.

Dougherty, who was also accompanied by Roberto Herrarte, president of the Union of Foods, José Pivaral, and Luis Mazariegos, directors of the Guatemalan Association of Rice, and Maria del Rosario, Yaqui, from the National Association of Farmers, said that millions in losses result from products smuggled from Mexico.

"We've determined the crossing at Tecún Uman, San Marcos is the main entrance of contraband from Mexico to Guatemala," said Herrarte, who showed to the media, products that were seized yesterday at a police checkpoint in Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango, valued at Q100,000.

Mexican brands of products such as juices, toilet paper, soft drinks, rice, bundles of eggs and candies, boquitas, sardines, and other food products, were submitted by employers.

Dougherty said that smuggling is affecting sales of the industries that produce food in Guatemala which been forced to lay off staff in certain areas of production.

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